FELICE is an Italian/French producer and DJ. He started music at the younger age of 11 maked electronic mashup and remixes.

At 15, he started touring as a local DJ in his hometown sharing his little remixes and mashup that he already produced.

Inspired by a diversity of musical genres and sounds, the FELICE’s style is very versatile between Dance, Pop, often electronic with always a great focus on the energy and emotion transmitted to the crowd.

For him, the most important is sharing his passion and feeling for the music.

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FELICE Unveils Stunning New Single ‘By My Side’!

An avid music fan from the age of 11 and DJ from the age of 15, FELICE‘s life has always involved dance music. Having been a DJ for over 10 years now, his experience has grown over the years and he is now taking that experience and applying it within the studio as he makes 2022 his year for productions.

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